What to wear for your Summer Family Photoshoot?

March 31, 2021

As a family photographer, the most common question I get asked is – what should I wear?

With my own three kids, I know co-ordinating the whole family can be utterly agonising, but please don’t panic! Remember, your photography session is about you, your family & capturing those beautiful unscripted moments of love and connection.

I also know we all want to look our best, so I’ve put together a few helpful tips to help you decide what to wear for your Family Photoshoot.

Let’s get the things to avoid out of the way..

Neon Colours
Neon colours are very reflective and can change skin tones, which can be unflattering.

Visible Logos
Any obvious branding, heavy patterns or large writing can be distracting. They also date very quickly, and we want timeless.

Distracting Jewellery
This includes FitBits or hair ties around the wrists. They will not complete your look and can be distracting.

Hats or Caps
They cast a shadow over the eyes and part of the face and leave red marks around the forehead. One exception is a kid’s straw hat in one or two images if the style is wanted and suits your location.

Block Colours of Black or White
I don’t want to get too technical about losing depth, but both colours lose detail in the images, so just trust me on this one! Your photographer doesn’t want this, and neither will you.

Anything That Shows Tan Lines or Bra Straps
We want our images to be classy and timeless right? Most photographers will not clone this out as it’s a lot of work, so be aware.

Too Much Make-Up
Make-up doesn’t always look the same in pictures because the flash can bounce off make-up. Plus, you want to keep your family photos looking natural and authentic.

All the excellent things you should do

Co-Ordinate Outfits
Start with choosing a colour palate. For spring & summer, I personally love earth tones, neutrals and pastels. Everyone can wear what they’d like with cuts that look best on each family member while expressing their own personalities, all within the colour palette. This way you will co-ordinate (without being too matchy-matchy) beautifully!

Heres a little selection of kiddies clothes I’ve put together that are available now and would be perfect for your location session from H&M – all of these are priced between £4.99 and £19,99.

For more ideas on colour palettes and co-ordinating outfits – please visit my Pinterest boards at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/capturedmomentsByLSM/summer-outdoor-shoots-what-to-wear/

Add Layers & Textures
It will add depth and visual interest to your images. Layers can include scarves, jumpers or cardigans. Textures could be anything from floaty maxi dresses or skirts, lace, jewellery, even flowers to hold or have in your hair.

Dress For your Location
On an outdoor photoshoot, you may have to walk to your location, and there will be a lot of movement during your session to capture those natural moments, so think ahead. It may not be the best idea to wear those killer 6-inch heels this time!

Change of clothing for the Kids
Just in case!

Be Comfortable and Confident
Let your clothes show off your personalities and focus on cuts that look best on each family member so that everyone will arrive at your session feeling comfortable and confident. This is especially important with kids! Believe me, forcing them into something they hate will cause some grumpy faces, and though one or two images of this can be pretty cute – we want gorgeous smiley faces beaming into the lens!


  • Eli Chenkova May 18, 2021

    Thank you Lynsey for this blog! It’s very informative <3

    • Photographer May 25, 2021

      Thank you so much for your feed back Eli, I’m so glad it’s useful.

  • Tracy Mcphillips May 20, 2021

    This is so interesting and very helpful to know.

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